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murder, i hardly know her

An Interactive Murder Mystery

presented by Out of the Blue Theatre Company

“Murder, I Hardly Know Her” is the virtual interactive comedy whodunit that lets the audience solve the crime!  On a stormy Halloween night, employees of a popsicle stick production company convene at their boss’s apartment for a fun night of games and conversation. However, things take a turn for the worst after a mysterious murder ruins the party! When a detective and his partner arrive to help catch the murderer, they have some difficulty coming to a conclusion. 

It is up to the audience to assist them in identifying the culprit amongst our party guests. These employees are put to the test as scandals arise, secrets are revealed, and chaos ensues. 

Director: Lauren Stevens

Assistant Director: Izzy Roth

Playwrights: Julia Ribas, Blaire Battle, Magenta Rose Brown, and Jake Goldfarb

Stage Manager: Berk Uzman

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